I have recently been chatting alot with Jim Payne CEO of an awesome new start up called MoPub, which is focused on optimizing the way the world views mobile monetization. MoPub is a mobile ads serving platform, built by app developers for app developers. It’s pretty sweet; the thesis behind MoPub is to help publishers in mobile to increase their revenue by working directly with advertisers, running cross-promotional and house ad campaigns and working with backfill ad networks like iAd and Google AdSense etc.

Jim founded MoPub along with a group of talented fellow ex-Google and ex-AdMob product managers and engineers: Bryan Atwood and Navis Jamal.

Bryan Atwood, who is currently head of product, gave me a sneak peak at the latest iteration, and lets just say that I am very impressed and excited to see them crush it in 2011.

MoPub is backed by Accel Partners and Harrison Metal Capital, two of the most respected investment firms in the Valley.

One of my best friends just raised a series a round of $1mm for his new mobile ad serving start up. During a recent conversation he began to explain how difficult and emotional is was, yet the pressure has really just begun.

Doing a start up is really as emotional or perhaps even more than a romantic relationship. You are always second guessing yourself – Did I choose the right partner/s? Will they flake on me like the hundreds of guys before them have over the years? What if the others in the space catch on to what you are doing and add features that will make your product not as compelling or less competitive? What features should we go to market with? or “Wait, I’m bootstrapping this venture and am on my last $100.00 and don’t have much but a few screenshots, what do I do? How do I get someone to listen?!”

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