So today marks the 212th day since I moved to San Francisco to build Feedgen. Its definitely been a long financial and emotional rollercoaster.

Its been a crazy few days. Aslam and I are both having issues with our apartments and Cass is sick with a fever yet still writing code somehow. Its funny how I have conditioned myself to look at every obstacle as simply a possible distraction and seem to plow through them with ease as if I expected it to happen. The thing is that I know crap will happen. I know that people will get sick, landlords will act up, and even girlfriends/boyfriends will break up with you. Yet I believe that our ability to be resilient under pressure is a huge key to our successes – both personal and in business. In actuality, my father was the person who taught me to persevere through the difficult times. He’d been doing it all his life. From his days as a Cuban Exile in the 1950’s to now being a great psychologist and businessman; there are not many things that seem to rattle him – Anyways.

So I guess the moral of today’s post is resilience. Merriam-Webster defines it as:

1 : the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress

2 : an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

Number 1 makes me chuckle a bit. Just cause when building a company or trying to do something great it literally feels sometimes that you are being squeeze to the point of deformation! Things can get so tough on your mind, body, and soul that if you don’t stay focused and expect to power through obstacles they will knock you down.

Stay resilient folks. We’re almost there.

I was listening to one of these motivation speaker guys the other day and the thesis behind his talk was trying to figure out the “Why” in what you do as a business person. And well, it led me to take a step back and analyze why the hell I was doing what I am doing. Why I spend 24/7 thinking and working on Feedgen and somehow find the time to work a full time sales gig at another start up while maintaining a high level of production on all tasks. And the reason is because there is a massive “Why” behind everything I do and somehow I have partnered with a bunch of guys who share similar eccentricities and passion for life and business!

Anyways, this is what I call: The Feedgen “Why”.

We exist because we are a team of passionate entrepreneurs who love to build and inspire others. We are thinkers, dreamers, and people determined to change the world. We just happen to be passionate about building exciting sales software.

We want to change the way that people feel at work. We want our employees to be happy and inspired by us and the work that they do.

We are not perfect and will make mistakes, yet we will be committed to learning from our mistakes and continuing to grow as an organization and company culture.

We encourage entrepreneurship and thinking outside of the box. We promote the idea that every employee should be passionate about what they do. And if they’re not yet, we’ll help them figure it out.