It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that most incubator programs fund and work with way more companies than they can possibly develop meaningful relationships with. In fact, you hear it all the time — founders complaining about the fact that they didnt get the personalized attention that they expected. And in the defense of the programs its pretty difficult to connect with everyone; especially your Y-Combinators of the world, who have large staffs and like 100 + founders per class.
The one thing I can say about Angelpad and specifically its founder Thomas Korte, is that he actually really knows your name. He actually gives a crap about you and your team. Its been about a year since I participated and I still feel the connection to Angelpad. Whether its the happy hours or great conversations about life in general, Thomas Korte is genuinely a good guy, who cares about his founders; irrespective of whether their start up succeed or not.
Im summary:
Thomas Korte = Great Guy
Angelpad = If you get in, great opportunity to get the visibility needed to get a chance in the up big league of fund raising. And perhaps, even better you become a part of a fraternity of great business minds.