Max Altschuler, CEO at SalesHacker | Conferences, Author, Thought Leadership

Andi V Smith, CEO at AV Search | Recruiting

Matt Hubert, Product Manager of Dashtab | Sales Development Workflow Software

Rob Nagle, Lead Software Engineer of Dashtab | Sales Development Workflow Software

Ilya Semin, Founder and CEO at Datanyze | Sales Intelligence

Ben SardellaFounder and Chief Revenue Officer at Datanyze | Sales Intelligence

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This post is in acknowledgement of my very dear friend Aslam Najeebdeen.

Why? — because we must acknowledge and support people in our lives — for no reason at all. Love and help others and good things will happen.

I met Aslam in early 2011 via a Ruby on Rails IRC chat room while trying to find software development help. I was one of the founders of a startup called Feedgen, which we were incubating at SF-based Angelpad. We had just raised a little money, but not enough to hire engineering help in Silicon Valley so we went offshore — Aslam was based in Sri Lanka. At first I didn’t interact much with Aslam because he was doing mostly front-end CSS, HTML, etc — and my co-founders were handling that stuff. I do remember our Skype interview and couldn’t help but feel that this guy was special.

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