This is a concept that was taught during my door-to-door selling days with The Southwestern Company. A similar example to this is when you “oversell” something and the prospect loses interest.

To understand what the buying line is you must understand the steps that precede it. Let’s say you are doing a demo and it’s looking like the prospect is responding positively and/or has even been very clear about their interest — like you have asked the right questions and have received solid responses — it’s now safe to say that it seems like the prospect has exceeded the buying line.

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This was a 60 min virtual workshop conducted by Jorge Soto and Sean Kester focused on teaching Sales Development Reps how to build their personal brands. Companies in attendance include Datanyze, AdRoll, and others.


Jorge Soto — CEO at Sotoventures, Co-Founder at Dashtab, Advisor at Spiderbook, Advisor at MobileAction.

–Follow Jorge at @sotoventures

Sean Kester — Head of Product at SalesLoft, Former Head of Sales Development

— Follow Sean at @theseankester


What a powerful concept. Forgiveness. It’s actually one of the key components of happiness; In my opinion of course.

It’s not actually about the forgiveness of others but more about our ability to forgive ourselves — this is actually one of this hardest things I believe that we face as modern humans.

Learn to simply give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself and you’ll see how working through challenging moments is a bit less heavy on you.

In 2010 I was transitioning from New York City to San Francisco to help my buddy Jim with his startup and launch a sales tool called Feedgen. Jim and his co-founders were participating in the first ever class of a new startup accelerator called Angelpad. Jim said some very solid things about the program and it’s mentors so I decided to apply, was accepted, and completed the program.

My team and I were not able to raise money and it’s safe to say that we failed, however it was a learning experience nonetheless.

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Jorge: What is your professional background and how did you get into software engineering?

Carl: I’ve always loved computers, when I was younger I thought I wanted to get into video games, but software engineering has been something I’ve basically always been “into”. During my last year of school at the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, I joined a couple friends to work on a mobile Two-Factor Authentication product with one of our professors.

Unfortunately this venture eventually ran out of money and since we needed to make money, you know, for food, the friends I mentioned and I started a software consulting business, Bitmatica.

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I’m not a ui/ux designer, interaction designer, or anything close to a real web designer — although I know my way around photoshop a bit – it’s safe to say I’m no expert in UI/UX design; I’m more of an entrepreneurial salesperson.

However, I have been working-in saas, web based, online systems 98% of my career and consider myself pretty capable of understanding the difference between crappy versus awesome UI/UX. There has been talk about the “consumerization of the enterprise” for a few years now. It seems like it started when 37 Signals and Less Everything were building app using ruby on rails that didn’t suck and cared about UI/UX. Later there were “social enterprise” solutions like Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, and now days you see companies like Slack, Respondly, and a bunch of other saas’y companies deploying very consumer-like applications for the enterprise.

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Jack Smith is one of the top startup advisors in the world. He’s originally from London, UK and has been living in Silicon Valley for half a decade and has founded companies Vungle and has help launched many popular startups like Coin, Survios, and Onfleet.

I first met Jack in 2011 through Thomas Korte’s Angelpad startup incubator. He was launching Vungle (currently a top adtech company) and I was doing a sales tool startup called Feedgen (which failed).

I pinged Jack recently and I picked his brain. Here’s the interview:

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I’m not for one minute going to sit here and pretend like I know the best way to run Twitter; but I will say that I had a chance to work at Twitter under Dick Costolo after we (MoPub) were acquired. What I can say is that the guy did a hell of a job taking it from a side project to a publically traded company with one of the most, if not the most powerful brands in history; period.

Now to be clear, I’m also not a Dick Costolo fanboy, or a fanboy of anyone on earth minus my parents, however I do feel compelled to share my experience with the guy and pay respect where respect is due. Come on people, under his leadership revenue went from zero to $1.4 billion in 2014.

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