Bryan Atwood

“Leadership is about helping your team prioritize and execute. There are always a million things to do at a startup. How you spend your time as a leader can mean the difference between success and failure”

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BIO: Bryan Atwood is Co-founder and VP of Product of MoPub, which was acquired by Twitter in 2013. Before founding MoPub Bryan was a long time Google employee where over the course of his career there worked as an engineer and product manager.

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Saad Shahzad

“Leadership is about helping your team prioritize and execute. There are always a million things to do at a startup. How you spend your time as a leader can mean the difference between success and failure”

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BIO: Saad Shahzad is Head of Sales at San Francisco, CA based Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll). Saad was an early hire and ran the channel sales business until recently being promoted to Head of Sales.

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My random interview of a Central Florida Uber drive. She is a single mother, going to college, and trying her best to pursue her passion to become a lawyer. Uber has helped make that dream a reality.

Listen to our interview (on Soundcloud) above but first read the story below:

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Uber gets so much bad press and maybe it’s so called “battle” with Lyft has been a bit dramatized, but let’s be clear, Uber represents what is awesome about the internet and innovation.

Why? — well for starters the fact that you can hail and track a private driver all on your mobile phone, from the comfort of your bathroom while getting ready to hit the town on a Friday night, is nearly magical. Not to mention its logical impact on DUIs and deaths caused by driving while impaired.

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“Leadership is teaching your network and colleagues to learn from every situation — positive or negative.”

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BIO: Sabrina Soto is an HGTV host, designer, and entrepreneur. Sabrina has been featured on HGTV shows including White House Christmas, Get It Sold, Real Estate Intervention, HGTV Green Home and HGTV Showdown. She also hosted the hit show The High/Low Project

Sabrina’s new company Case & Company is an online lifestyle magazine with a style that’s a perfect blend between Sabrina’s Cuban and American roots.

P.S Yes, she’s related, my first cousin.

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aaron ross

“Aaron Ross, Author and CEO at Predictable Revenue says “Leadership is tuning out all the freaking noise to listen to yourself and feel out what’s most important, needs to be done, or just plain right — even when others think you’re crazy. If you are not called crazy once in a while, you’re managing, not leading.”

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BIO: Aaron Ross is an award winning author, consultant, and entrepreneur. His book Predictable Revenue is a New York Times Best Seller and is considered the modern b2b sales bible.

His best-selling book was based on the framework that Aaron designed for’s outbound process & sales team; which added an extra $100 million in revenue in just a few years.

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miray_leadership template

“Leadership is about inspiring and guiding others to success while you are performing at your best.”

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BIO: Miray Alanlar is Senior Sales Account Manager for all North America and EMEA at San Francisco, CA based Mobile Action. Miray was hire #5 at Mobile Action and currently runs account management efforts for the North American and EMEA regions.

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“Leadership is when you can successfully help a group to be better than they were before, but via an approach that the group not only supports, but also has a comprehensive understanding of.”

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BIO: Phu Tran is Manager of North America Platform Sales for Twitter’s MoPub group. Phu was an early business hire at MoPub and very instrumental in the company’s revenue growth that led to it’s 2013 acquisition by Twitter.

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