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SAN FRANCISCO, CA ( — “Leadership” fans, rejoice: Sotoventures is launching a new #StartupUnedited series titled Leader with Brian Ross. The series is focused on helping inspire great leadership.

I spend some time with Brian discussing the details of the show and asked him a few questions.

Check out the interview below:

Jorge: What’s your professional background and how did you get into sales and leadership?

Brian: Wow, well back in high school I sold newspaper subscriptions door-to-door, so I was exposed to the sales game very early. While in college I realized that I wanted to become entrepreneur. That’s when I learned about the Southwestern Company and enrolled to sell books door-to-door every summer for the duration of my collegiate career.

For the next 10 years, I had the tremendous opportunity to recruit, hire and train tens of thousands of college students for a summer internship teaching sales and leadership. We taught each other how to launch and run small businesses, understand how to sell, and most importantly the power of influence.

Learning the fundamentals of ordering, inventory, sales, accounting, presentation and delivery of products were all aspect of a business that we learned within a short period of time. It was the best of times. We all learned skills that were directly transferable to any business and sales environment.

Over the course my career I learned how important the “culture of teamwork and support” really is. Today I run an insurance agency that thrives and grows using all the success and leadership principles that we have been fortunate to have been exposed to. I’m both old school and new school.

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Ok I am a leadership nut. I’m constantly looking to become a better more mindful leader. I recently started working on a new leadership series with one of my mentors Mr. Brian Ross. The series will air on my web show #StartupsUnedited.

When I asked Brian what leadership was he said “Leadership is being a good example for people armed with the knowledge that he who has the most flexibility has the most influence.”

I became so obsessed by the topic of leadership these days that I set out to understand what leadership meant to others.

I sent texts and emails to 36 of my friends, family and business associates asking them to answer one question:


Below were their answers:

Grey LineMark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner and Shark Tank Host says “Having a vision for success that everyone takes ownership of.Grey LineJorge A Soto, Entrepreneur, Organizational Psychologist (most importantly my dad) says”Leadership requires the ability to take the initiative to get things done.”
Grey LineSabrina Soto, HGTV Host (and my cousin) says “Leadership is teaching your network and colleagues to learn from every situation — positive or negative.”Grey LineGokul Rajaram, Head of Caviar at Square says leaders “Create a compelling vision of the future”Grey LineKen Krogue, Founder at says “Leadership is the single most powerful variable in a successful sales campaign. Great leaders combine strategy, tactics, motivation, and vision. Leaders are shepherds, managers are sheep herders.Grey Line

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fight or flight

Grey Line

Food for Thought:

*When life gets tough and it’s more challenging than it’s ever been, what will you do?

*When your ‪#‎startup‬ is sinking and it’s time to act, what will you do?

*When you haven’t closed a deal and it’s the last month in the quarter, what will you do?

*When your relationships fail and your heart is heavy, what will you do?

*When the world makes no sense and you have lost faith in humanity, what will you do?

Grey Line

Will you stay and fight until you have given it your all, or will you take flight for easier, less complicated paths?

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