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As a #millenialwomeninsales I came into the workforce in 2011 during the tail end of the recession. The outlook was still bleek on the job front and branding yourself was of utmost importance.

Problem was it wasn’t the branding or networking our parents or grandparents had done, showing up at an office unannounced and introducing themselves.

We were in a new age of branding, a digital age.

@Dorie Clark of @Reinventing said it best (in my opinion):

“Personal branding is the process of taking stock of how you’re perceived by others, determining how you’d like to be seen, and then taking strategic action to make that a reality”.

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sarah fricke


I write you from my couch on a snowy day in Washington, DC as a #millennialwomaninsales.

I, Sarah Fricke, happen to be one of the many many women studied by firms like @CEB, @BCG, and @Deloitte on what makes us tick.

Not only do I happen to be a female but I am also part of the ever so studied millennial generation – only the best combination 🙂

Now onto why you should keep reading. There are so many great resources and blogs on #women #womeninsales #millennialsinsales #millennials.

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Interviewee: Cameron Kashani

Interviewer: Jorge Soto

Grey Line

Jorge: What your professional background and how did you get involved in the startup world?

Cam: I graduated with a degree in marketing, and have my MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. My background spans from healthcare, marketing, to technology. My first position (job) that impacted me was as Director of Marketing for a diagnostics medical corporation called Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc.

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