#PivotStories 04 w/ Marie Prokopets, Co-founder at FYI

Marie Prokopets is one of Silicon Valley top founders & even better human. In this episode Marie opens up about her pivot experiences and gives us wisdom to stay agile with our product roadmap.


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Santiago Subotovsky of Emergence Capital is the consummate founder friendly venture capitalist. He’s an Argentinean entrepreneur turned Silicon Valley venture capitalist, who can relate to the founder journey. Santi’s currently on the board at companies like Zoom Video Communications(congrats on IPO!) & Crunchbase.

In this webcam interview Santi dives into his story coming to the United States, discovering California, and eventually entering the venture capital work with Emergence Capital.

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& learn more about his journey within entrepreneurship and now venture capital!!!
What’s the real deal of entrepreneurship!

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