Entrepreneurship is always glamorized and often misunderstood. No one ever talks about how hard it is to make a decent buck on your own. The media only talks about the billion dollar exits and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world and never shows the reality of this game.

Or how many sleepless often painful nights an entrepreneur encounters.

Or how completely obsessed an entrepreneur can become with “success” that they forget how to live a life not focused on building businesses.

They never talk about the effect of having “some” success or being around massive success has on you.

Well, for people like me, it’s never enough. And that actually sucks.

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Steli Efti, Founder and CEO at Close.io


Steli Efti, Founder and CEO at Close.io



Steli Efti is a passionate, courageous, serial entrepreneur. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Close.io. He and his team have helped more than 200 venture-backed startups build and scale their sales processes, and deliver thousands of demos that created millions of dollars in revenue.

He has also trained thousands of founders, sales directors, and sales reps to build sustainable and predictable revenue for their technology companies.

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If it wasn’t already obvious, Content Marketing is not just for businesses – it can really help your personal brand. It is essential for anyone who wants to do business in today’s environment.

Most content marketing is funneled through the same old hub-and-spoke channels: Blogs, Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, videos, and Slideshares.

But from my own experience, individuals interested in content marketing are undervaluing and under-exploiting a potential goldmine of marketing promise: events.

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“Leadership is teaching your network and colleagues to learn from every situation — positive or negative.”

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BIO: Sabrina Soto is an HGTV host, designer, and entrepreneur. Sabrina has been featured on HGTV shows including White House Christmas, Get It Sold, Real Estate Intervention, HGTV Green Home and HGTV Showdown. She also hosted the hit show The High/Low Project

Sabrina’s new company Case & Company is an online lifestyle magazine with a style that’s a perfect blend between Sabrina’s Cuban and American roots.

P.S Yes, she’s related, my first cousin.

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