“Leadership is teaching your network and colleagues to learn from every situation — positive or negative.”

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BIO: Sabrina Soto is an HGTV host, designer, and entrepreneur. Sabrina has been featured on HGTV shows including White House Christmas, Get It Sold, Real Estate Intervention, HGTV Green Home and HGTV Showdown. She also hosted the hit show The High/Low Project

Sabrina’s new company Case & Company is an online lifestyle magazine with a style that’s a perfect blend between Sabrina’s Cuban and American roots.

P.S Yes, she’s related, my first cousin.

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I have spent a lot of time thinking about the steps that we entrepreneurs (mind you I said entrepreneurs not successful entrepreneurs) take that others don’t.

And aside of the common concepts like taking risk or being visionaries, etc – there are more real, tangle steps that we take that are the catalysts for our actions.

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I’m actually not sure that it’s ok that we are having this discussion in 2015. I mean come on, we’re supposed to be cruising around in flying cars and the fact that the physical-paper business cards is a topic today is sorta lame. In any case, the question here is whether it’s important or not.

Yes. Absolutely. As digital as I want everything to be, paper-based business cards are still very important, especially at the approach or first time you meet someone; especially a prospect.


Gloss finish or Matte?

I think it depends on the design BUT I kinda think that having a nice glossy finish is never a bad thing. If I were to have to choose, I’d pick a gloss finish.

Biz Card Vendors

These are a few that I have used:


3.5 x 2 inches

add .125 of “bleed” and it should be saved in CMYK mode.

This post is in acknowledgement of my very dear friend Aslam Najeebdeen.

Why? — because we must acknowledge and support people in our lives — for no reason at all. Love and help others and good things will happen.

I met Aslam in early 2011 via a Ruby on Rails IRC chat room while trying to find software development help. I was one of the founders of a startup called Feedgen, which we were incubating at SF-based Angelpad. We had just raised a little money, but not enough to hire engineering help in Silicon Valley so we went offshore — Aslam was based in Sri Lanka. At first I didn’t interact much with Aslam because he was doing mostly front-end CSS, HTML, etc — and my co-founders were handling that stuff. I do remember our Skype interview and couldn’t help but feel that this guy was special.

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Facebook yesterday announced they’ve redesigned their help center, making it more accessible and easier to use. It’s not a huge difference compared to what the help center looked before, but it’s definitely an improvement.
Filters on the left have separated help for specific applications, help discussions, sheer Facebook basics and safety information from the rest of the help. Furthermore, the new search interface displays related help pages and helps you find help in other languages (if there is no result in your language).
Perhaps most importantly, specific topics now have unique URLs, which means you can easily share them with others. While we’re on the subject of Facebook help centers, you can check out our recently released Facebook Guide Book, which explains some of the more complex Facebook-related tasks, with an emphasis on using Facebook for business and brands.