#PivotStories 04 w/ Marie Prokopets, Co-founder at FYI

Marie Prokopets is one of Silicon Valley top founders & even better human. In this episode Marie opens up about her pivot experiences and gives us wisdom to stay agile with our product roadmap.


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Interviewee: Caio Vaz, Channel Account Manager – SaaS at Resultados Digitais

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Host at Sotoventures Media

Grey Line

Jorge: What is your career background and how did you get into the digital and startup world?

Caio: I was manager of logistics operations for several years, which is where I learned a lot about how to manage teams and crisis. Then I moved into marketing and sales manager role for that logistics company, which is how I learned about Resultados Digitais.

Shortly after becoming very impressed by the company, a friend recommended I apply for a channel account manager vacancy at Resultados Digitais and needless to say I got the job and here I am.

For me, entering this market has been awesome and I’m so happy. We love the daily challenges and learning, and also the feeling of being ahead of the market in terms of technology and new ways of doing business.

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