I distinctly remember the first time I was asked if I had looped in the appropriate people. I wanted to say, “Why? How can everyone not already be looped in?” Between lunch, beer o’ clock, Slack, random conversations in the bathroom or at the printer, how could anyone at a 60-ish person startup not know everything going on in every department.

Then it hit me, I didn’t know what every department was working on in detail, nor had I for some time.

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Interviewee: Cameron Kashani

Interviewer: Jorge Soto

Grey Line

Jorge: What your professional background and how did you get involved in the startup world?

Cam: I graduated with a degree in marketing, and have my MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. My background spans from healthcare, marketing, to technology. My first position (job) that impacted me was as Director of Marketing for a diagnostics medical corporation called Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc.

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