So I spoke to Taylor VanAlle of today and thought that the idea was pretty cool. She called it the “” for finding a handyman, dog walker,
tutor, or any other individual service provider focused on people as opposed to

They guys and gals are based in NYC, of course a startup at the moment, looking to change the way people find trusted, local individual business owners.

At First Glance:

The UI looks pretty good. Looks web 2.0’ish and is pretty easy to navigate. Its 1000 times nicer than Craigslist, which is always a plus. Also these guys seem focused unlike some of the other players. Also, its a Rails app so naturally being a fan of rails I like it already.

They are funded, just raised a seed round of venture capital. Of course, these folks are a bunch of young entrepreneurs so I’m definitely in their corner and would love to see them succeed.

Check it out at: