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Jorge: Congrats on the official announcement on TechCrunch about Pattern! Why do you tell the audience a bit about your professional background, how you got into sales, and what you love about it?

Derek: I’m an experienced Sales leader with a strong operational skill set. I started my career in sales as an SDR making 200 cold calls a day for an investment management company called Fisher Investments in the Bay Area.

I love sales because it’s so hard yet rewarding at the same time.  Also, I kinda secretly like that while many people think of salespeople as a necessary evil, there are many others that believe we’re the secret sauce to the success of some organizations.

I was the 4th employee and first salesperson at Wildfire. During my time there, I lead the group to over 300 people in my organization, nearly $50m in revenue in year 3 and an acquisition by Google. Currently, I’m Founder and CEO at Pattern, a sales productivity tools company currently in stealth mode (see screenshots below).

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