Interviewee: Patricia McLaren, Sales Development Rep at Datanyze

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Blogger at SotoVentures, Partner at Sales Hacker


Jorge: What’s your professional background and how did you get into sales?

Patricia: I am originally from Ontario, Canada and grew up in Milwaukee, WI. I was craving some excitement and opportunity, so I packed up my bags and moved to the Bay Area about 3 years ago.

I worked in retail sales and danced professionally for the NBA for 4 years before transitioning into the tech industry (Go Warriors).

When I’m not setting demos for Datanyze, I’m out and about in San Francisco, constantly meeting new people and making new connections. I’m passionate about what I do and the impact I make in people’s lives, personally and professionally.

I actually began my sales career in retail. I worked as a part-time associate while going to school, and I ended up working every position there was at the company, eventually taking over the entire district as the District Sales Manager.

I made the transition into tech and have leveraged my sales and management experience to be successful in this industry.

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This was a 60 min virtual workshop conducted by Jorge Soto and Sean Kester focused on teaching Sales Development Reps how to build their personal brands. Companies in attendance include Datanyze, AdRoll, and others.


Jorge Soto — CEO at Sotoventures, Co-Founder at Dashtab, Advisor at Spiderbook, Advisor at MobileAction.

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Sean Kester — Head of Product at SalesLoft, Former Head of Sales Development

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