Santiago Subotovsky of Emergence Capital is the consummate founder friendly venture capitalist. He’s an Argentinean entrepreneur turned Silicon Valley venture capitalist, who can relate to the founder journey. Santi’s currently on the board at companies like Zoom Video Communications(congrats on IPO!) & Crunchbase.

In this webcam interview Santi dives into his story coming to the United States, discovering California, and eventually entering the venture capital work with Emergence Capital.

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What’s the real deal of entrepreneurship!

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Rich Wong is one of Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capitalists and partner at Accel Partners in Palo Alto, CA.

For you who are not familiar Palo Alto, CA is where companies like facebook, Survey Monkey and so many others were founded.

Accel Partners is well known for their investments in Atlassian, facebook, DropBox, Kayak, Spotify, and other great companies. Accel runs a very innovative EIR program that yielded well-known companies like Cloudera, which provides Apache Hadoop-based software.

I first met Rich Wong in 2010 when he invested into MoPub’s seed round, along with Michael Dearing of Harrison Metal. Rich was a very, very active member of the board, but more importantly he was deeply involved with the leadership and cared alot about our business’s success.

I think for me, the most important quality that Rich has is his loyalty and friendship. Even now, 2 years after the acquisition, Rich is an email away and is still super supportive.

We were recently discussing topics like:

  • What tips would he give an early stage founder when looking to raise VC?
  • Is there such thing as a “bad space” to launch a startup within or around?
  • What attributes he has been able to identify that successful companies tend to display?

Emergence Capital is a well known Silicon Valley venture capital firm that focuses on Cloud and Saas investments. They are well known for their investments in, Box, SuccessFactors, Yammer and many others. Follow Emergence on Twitter.

I first met Kevin Spain in 2011 when I was working on a b2b saas startup. We’ve actively kept in touch over the years and recently caught up to discuss current and future trends in saas, startups, and venture investing.

So, I had a cup of coffee this morning with a guy from true ventures, and was definitely surprised at how cool this dude was. I mean, I have met and know a ton of VCs in the web space and many, not to generalize, are so full of themselves that its a breath of fresh air to meet some that are not so pretentious and full of sh%t. This guy was actually listening to what I had to say and provided some very relevant feedback; actually feedback that that actually solved some of the issues that I was currently tackling on my Incubator55 research platform. It was awesome. The interesting thing is that us young entrepreneurs tend to forget that getting funded is like getting married, and its not entirely only about the money. In our case, its a matter of time, and funding is a way to accelerate things drastically. Its like marrying a hot women who’s a pain in the a#s to deal with. Once you tie the knot you are stuck and getting out is a messy ordeal.

Now that we are in the process of exploring funding its very important to us to partner with the RIGHT fund, who will be mentors and innovators, not just a pile of cash.

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