I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now but didn’t have the courage to write it for a variety of reasons. I kept thinking to myself, what would be the purpose? Would this be a tactic to gain attention since mental health is such a trending topic these days? The answer is that […]

This is a topic is really gets under my skin. Its like putting a team together to play a basketball game and everyone comes to try outs, and then first game; and then some come to the game but don’t play. And before you know it your stuck playing the game alone. The problem is […]
This is a concept that I learned selling books door-to-door with The Southwestern Company. Current President Dan Moore used to speak about the concept of Mr. Mediocrity and how it effects success. I am using Mr and Mrs. Mediocrity 🙂So who are these creatures? These are the little voices that say “I’ll do it tomorrow” […]
I have been speaking a great deal about this lately. The idea that if you are able to visualize achieving a goal, then you are 100{553246f06ec80658d58877c30169c8b03a4bdeb18f3754ce1a5f305ceb753b48} capable to manifesting it in real life. Here’s the analogy that I use. We all know the steps of getting to work in the morning. We get up brush […]
Popfossa was developed to provide health professionals with an efficient service that will make their lives easier. How? Simply by giving them the chance to make use of a learning portal where they can find the information they need to get in touch with other colleagues and boost their professional development. In this way you […]
Many of us tend to be attracted to this kind of services because they are friendly and give both, professionals and the company the chance to improve. Koda is a service that gives users the interesting possibility of being benefited with all the advantages of social recruiting. Yes, clear and simple this service aims to […]
LinkedIn’s iPhone App Gets a Major Upgrade @MASHABLE
Google Puts Lid on New Products Realizing that its myriad services are confusing users, it will focus on refining what it has.October 06, 2006|Chris Gaither, Times Staff WriterMOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — In another sign of Google Inc.’s growth from start-up to corporate behemoth, the company’s top executives said Thursday that they had begun telling engineers […]
Facebook yesterday announced they’ve redesigned their help center, making it more accessible and easier to use. It’s not a huge difference compared to what the help center looked before, but it’s definitely an improvement. Filters on the left have separated help for specific applications, help discussions, sheer Facebook basics and safety information from the rest […]
AT&T Reverses Course: iPhone Available Again in New York City