Tomas and I attended the IBC 2016 Conference and Exhibition trying to discover the latest in #media and #broadcast tech and had a blast. The event was at it’s usual location Rai Amsterdam which sits south of the center of the city. Of course Amsterdam is super easy to navigate via bikes and the canals act as great […]

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now but didn’t have the courage to write it for a variety of reasons. I kept thinking to myself, what would be the purpose? Would this be a tactic to gain attention since mental health is such a trending topic these days? The answer is that […]
In this video, I walk us through a infographic I made back in 2014 about sales cycles and the variables to consider when engaged in a selling effort. startups #sales #tech #siliconvalley #founders #startup #saas #startuplife #entrepreneurship #leadership #insidesales
I was really trying to help the audience understand the need to look at sales in a very process oriented way. Subscribe here now: Follow me on Facebook:… Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter:
#PivotStories 04 w/ Marie Prokopets, Co-founder at FYI Marie Prokopets is one of Silicon Valley top founders & even better human. In this episode Marie opens up about her pivot experiences and gives us wisdom to stay agile with our product roadmap. #Startups#Founders#Leadership Follow Marie on @Twitter 👉 Learn more about FYI here 👉 […]